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What is the length of the program?

The average length of stay is 12 months. Counselors, along with the Program Director, evaluate progress during each resident’s time in the program to determine a graduation date.

What does mentoring entail at Esther's House?

We combine biblical principles of healing and unconditional love and grace to our residents. Residents are lead to explore issues of faith, forgiveness, overcoming past hurts and habits, getting to the root of the issues they struggle with, as well as life skills training.

Some program resources include the Keys to Freedom from Mercy Multiplied, Joyce Meyer, Bob and Polly Hamp, Beth Moore, Dave Ramsey, and more.

Residents also receive individual counseling outside of Esther’s House from a licensed professional counselor.

What is a typical day's schedule at Esther's House?

A typical day at Esther’s House begins with breakfast, praise and worship, exercise, class, and lunch. After lunch there is counseling, class, group, study hall, dinner, class, and finally, bedtime. Residents are expected to participate in all activities. Because our program is based in a home, every Freedom Finder participates in daily chores such as cleaning and kitchen duties. Phone calls can be made and received on weekends.

How will Esther’s House of Redemption be governed?

We have a board of directors in place full of a variety of business professionals and servants of Christ.

Is there anyone Esther's House will not accept into the program?

Our desire is to help every young woman struggling with life-controlling issues who wants help. However, we do look at approval into the program on an individual basis. Due to our program’s residential nature and its required materials, we assess to determine if Esther’s House is a good fit for each applicant. Additionally, we are not a medical facility and cannot accept applicants who are not medically stable. If we cannot accept an applicant into the program for any reason, we provide referrals to other programs.

Is Esther’s House of Redemption affiliated with a particular denomination?

Esther’s House is not directly affiliated with any particular church, denomination or organization. While students are at Esther’s House, they participate in daily praise and worship, as well as daily classes based on Biblical principles. The students also attend a local church in the community.

Is the program voluntary?

Every woman accepted into Esther’s House must be willing to commit to change. Without a clear understanding of our Christian emphasis and the requirements of the program, applicants will not be accepted. Esther’s House residents are free to leave the program at any time.

What costs are involved?

Our program is free of charge. During a Freedom Finder’s time in the program, she is responsible for her own personal expenses, including prescription medication expenses, any medical expenses incurred during her time in the program, and travel to/from Esther’s House.

What kind of medical care do Freedom Finders receive?

Although we are not a medical facility, some of the Freedom Finders who enter our program have medical issues that need to be managed. Each woman receives care from outside professionals if needed, as we do not employ a physician.

Esther’s House does not discourage the use of medication. We value the role medical intervention and pharmaceuticals have in helping women struggling with depression, anxiety and other psychiatric conditions. Esther’s House staff follow directions from outside physicians with regard to medication as it is not our place to make medication determinations. The overwhelming majority of our residents are on some kind of medication during their stay at Esther’s House, some of which they have in place before coming and some of which is prescribed after they come into the program. As is common in therapy and counseling, when a Freedom Finder progresses through processing pasts hurts and trauma, she may find that certain medications do not seem to be needed anymore. However, this is something she would handle with the outside physician she sees and not determined by Esther’s House staff.

What are the recreational activities?

Activities include aerobics, strength training, and neighborhood walks. On the weekends residents can participate in recreational activities.

Can residents have contact with their families?

Residents are able to make and receive phone calls with family every weekend, and mail can be sent and received daily. They are also able to visit with family on weekends when not taking place in an outside activity.

Do Freedom Finders leave the residence for any activities?

Freedom Finders participate in supervised activities offsite from time-to-time. These include spending an afternoon shopping, recreational activities, going to church and attending sporting events.

How do you help women without the house being opened?

Freedom Outreach, our day program, offers women a structured environment twice/week, providing Biblical mentoring and life skills training, helping each woman get to the “why behind the what” and find lasting freedom. Click here to learn more… 

What happens when Freedom Finders finish the program?

In the final stages of a Freedom Finder’s time at Esther’s House, she will begin the transitional care component of the program. This involves planning for work, education, training and transportation. Women also work with their mentor on identifying an accountability partner in their city to meet with on a regular basis after they complete the program.

Who can work at Esther’s House of Redemption? What qualifications must the staff have?

First and foremost, all staff must have a heart and passion to serve women, without judgment. The women that come to us for help must know that we love them unconditionally, right where they are. Esther’s House of Redemption will have a wide variety of staff, including director, counselors, nutrition managers, marketing staff, and more.

What happens if a Freedom Finder wants to leave the program before graduating?

Our program is 100% voluntary, and residents are free to leave at any point.