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Sundi Jo Graham, Founder


In August 2009, Sundi Jo entered through the doors of a residential discipleship program for women with life-controlling issues, located in Branson, Mo. She was at the bottom of herself, just trying to survive life, convinced God had abandoned her and that she had nothing to live for. It turns out she was the one who turned away from Him.

During her residence, she dug into her past, allowing God to heal the broken places of her heart – struggles with the pain of sexual abuse, rape, abandonment, insecurity, and more, finally grasping and understanding the freedom of God’s love.

“It was one of the hardest, most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I stopped just being a believer in Christ and became a follower.”

In 2012, after the program she graduated from closed, God called Sundi Jo to continue the mission of “offering hope to the broken.” She wasn’t as enthused as He seemed to be.

“I didn’t feel equipped for what He was calling me to. It didn’t make sense and I was sure He’d made a mistake.”

But after a friend lost her battle with addiction and committed suicide, she decided to be obedient to God’s leading. Today, she is doing just that as she leads Esther’s House, pouring into the lives of other women, helping them find restoration through Jesus Christ.

In 2015, Sundi Jo moved back to her hometown of Belle, Missouri, to open the doors. The rest is history…

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