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Esther’s House of Redemption uses Christian principles and teachings, along with Biblical mentoring, to serve each woman who enters the program. Many women who come to Esther’s House have given up hope on changing her life, and have often visited multiple treatment facilities in the past, with unsuccessful results.

Esther’s House of Redemption is not another “rehab.” We strive to provide women the necessary tools to find freedom from her past, recognize her self-worth, and grasp her God-given potential. Our approach teaches women to stop destructive lifestyle patterns.

We offer women a structured environment, providing Biblical mentoring and life skills training, as well as counseling, helping each woman get to the “why behind the what” and find lasting freedom.

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Esther’s House of Redemption provides each woman with the following holistic approach (body, mind and spirit) to address her life-controlling issues. We do so with biblically based mentoring, life-skills training, and more. Every part of the program is rooted in God’s Word, with the goal to change more than the behavior.

Life Skills Training – Each woman is taught basic life skills, such as cleaning, cooking, and financial management, including maintaining a budget.

Bible Teaching – Women participate in daily Bible reading and worship.

Classroom Teaching – Women will study various topics, including how to set boundaries, forgiveness, delayed gratification, anger management, and more. We will use a wide variety of resources, including teachings from influential leaders, such as Beth Moore, Jennifer Rothschild, Neil T. Anderson, John Bevere, Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John Townsend, Joyce Meyer, and more. Women will be required to apply what she has learned to her daily life.

Financial Management – Before completing the program, each woman is required to complete Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.

Nutrition – A specific food plan will be designed for each woman based on her specific needs.

When donated, women attend conferences, concerts, movies, and more.

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We combine biblical principles full of love, grace, mercy, and truth, including:

  • Forgiveness
  • Learning to renew the mind
  • Believing God’s truths
  • Principles for continued success

We work with women to:

  • Get to the “why behind the what” behind the behavioral patterns of each woman
  • Equip women with appropriate life skills to avoid those destructive behavior patterns
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Be accountable for her choices


Women also participate in weekly group counseling in order to improve communication skills, resolve conflicts, and more.